16 - 18 May, 2016 | Shangri La Hotel Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia

Rachel Lloyd

Domestic Violence Survivor
I was in a DFV relationship for almost eight years, and left my ex-husband after what I now refer to as the final incident in April 2015. I have three year old twin boys, and decided they deserved a better future. During our relationship, I was not only physically abused, but emotionally and financially controlled, which was far worse than the physical side. It took me a long time to leave (and several attempts) but I believe every victim can only leave when THEY are finally ready - and that all we can do in the meantime is be there to support them. The amazing support I received from my friends, and in particular, my caseworker, helped me get away and stay away, and through my charity, I want to help other victims become survivors by providing them with the kind of support I had and hold their hand every step of the way.

09:00 My Story: Living through the Hell of Domestic Violence

In this session Rachel will share her domestic violence story and experiences with the aim of helping others facing similar situations. She will also discuss her experience with the different support services that she encountered once she made the decision to leave the family home with her young child and her thoughts on how the system can be improved to provide a more integrated response.

Rachel has lived through the hell of domestic abuse. She had the strength to fight it and break free and wants victims of domestic violence to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope and there is freedom.

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