16 - 18 May, 2016 | Shangri La Hotel Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia

Mario Halouvas

National Training & Development Manager
Priority Management

11:15 Workshop B: Moving to a Paperless Office Environment

In the office of 2020 and beyond it is likely that your organisation will have responded to the developing technologies available to enhance operational efficiency and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Creating a paperless environment within your firm is a key enabler towards your efficiency goals, but to enable this transition you will need a well thought out plan before you begin your journey.

This workshop will explore the steps you need to take to develop a plan for implementing a paperless office environment.

Areas covered:

  • Defining the paperless office
  • Prep-paperless planning
  • The change management process
  • Developing a document storage plan
  • Identifying your technology requirements
  • implementation

16:30 Champagne Roundtable Discussions

The Champagne Roundtables are an opportunity for you to participate in 3 facilitator lead discussions on different topics, exchange your experiences and challenges and develop solutions with your peers over a glass of bubbly. We have some great experts facilitating the roundtables but it’s worth remembering that sometimes the solutions to your work challenges can come from your fellow delegates!

Roundtable themes:

Roundtable A: Is Multi-Tasking a Myth?

Are you really being as effective and efficient as you're capable of? If you describe yourself as a great multi-tasker, it's likely that you aren't... Join Brain Trainer Divya Hemnani as she reveals the neuroscience behind peak performance. In this session you will experience:

  • How your brain is a parallel processor
  • How you can "overwhelm" your system
  • How you can reset your system with simple practices

Facilitator: Divya Hemnani, Brain Trainer & Founder, Intrinsic Brilliance Institute

Roundtable B: Effective Minute Taking in Meetings

Are you new to writing meeting minutes or are interested in some tips to improve your efficiency? Then this roundtable is for you.

  • Pre-planning
  • What should be included?
  • The minutes writing process

Facilitator: Mario Halouvas, National Training and Development Manager, Priority Management

Roundtable C: Disarm the Bomb – Resolving Conflict

Using the analogy of war, we explore how conflict can destroy working relationships, productivity and motivation in the workplace. You will learn how to disengage conflict by starting with the only real thing you truly control — yourselves.

Facilitator: Anthony Bonnici, Director, Move Mountains

Roundtable D: Procrastination: The 5 Habits of Procrastination and How to Control Them

Everybody procrastinates, but the most productive people learn how to control it. In this session you will understand the psychology of procrastination and 5 ways to break the habit.

Facilitator: Faye Hampton, Success Coach

Roundtable E: Stop Being a People Pleaser: Learn to Say ‘No’ More Often

At work it’s easy to say ‘yes’ especially if you are a people pleaser. But how is this affecting your overall productivity if you’re not learning to say ‘no’. If you work for more than one boss or in an office where you are perceived as the go-to person for every minor task then it’s about time you learned to say ‘no’ more often. You’ll be amazed at how much this will improve your productivity.

Facilitator: Larissa Auditore, Executive Assistant to the CEO, iCare Insurance

14:30 Shortcuts to Success

Learn quicker ways to manage your workload through some efficient shortcuts using Microsoft’s most powerful programs - Outlook and OneNote. Mario will take you on a journey of shortcuts that will get you to your destination within seconds and allow you to focus more and improve your productivity. Unlocking the power and efficiency of your technology is only a few clicks away.

  • Find out the benefits of using shortcuts and increase your efficiency
  • Discover the power of Quicksteps to automate processes within Outlook
  • Utilise shortcuts in OneNote link to Outlook
  • Manage Quickparts to quickly insert repetitive information into emails, appointments and tasks
  • Maximise your diary management through shortcuts

16:25 Afternoon Tea Roundtable Discussions

The High Tea Roundtables are an opportunity for you to participate in 3 facilitator lead discussions on different topics, exchange your experiences and challenges and develop solutions with your peers over a a selection of sweet treats.

Roundtable themes:

Roundtable A: The Working Relationship/Partnership with Your Boss

  • Understanding your style and the style of your CEO | Chair | Board of Directors
  • Fitting your way of working to your Boss and making it work
  • Understanding their needs (it’s not about you)
  • Relationships based on trust (from the Chairman of the Board to the cleaners and security guards)
  • Doing more – picking up tasks and projects and making them your own

Facilitator: Denise Keen, Executive Assistant to the CEO/Chair, Arup Australasia

Roundtable B: Tame your Technology and Switch Off

In our fast paced workplace and reliance on technology, many people find it hard to switch off and allow themselves to recharge. Explore ways of taking control of your technology and working through your technology not because of it. Reduce your stress levels with some handy tips on managing your workplace technology as well as your mobile devices whilst still keeping on top of your workload.

Facilitator: Mario Halouvas, National training and Development Manager, Priority Management

Roundtable C: Communication Skills

Explore ways to influence and Communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

Facilitator: Wendy Jocum, Director, Wendy Jocum Training and Coaching

Roundtable D: The Challenges Faced by EAs and PAs in their Constantly Changing Roles.

Facilitator: Tania Rizoski, Personal Assistant, Arup Pty Ltd

Roundtable E: Career Progression and Utilising your Current Skills to Adapt to a New Role

From Virgin Australia Cabin Crew to PA to two GM’s within the corporate office, Nic discusses career change and utilising your skills to adapt to a new role.

Nic Russ, Personal Assistant to GM, Brand & Marketing and GM, Distribution & E-Commerce, Virgin Australia

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mario.

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